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The future of medicine is available now at Three Health.

Using smart devices and wearable technology, we can monitor our patients remotely and detect trends in vital body functions. This includes weight, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, and even following fat conversion by measuring breath ketones. We can administer treatments quickly, often without a patient coming into the office.

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Heads Up App

The Ultimate Health Dashboard. We utilize health data to learn which activities, behaviors and interventions are working for you, and together we will analyze each tool to know what helps and what hinders. We will gain insight into areas that you may not even be aware of and how it can impact your progress. It goes way beyond eat less, exercise more – we help you optimize your overall well being.

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BIOSENSE ketone monitor

The ONLY clinically backed breath ketone monitor. Empowering your insights to nutritional ketosis. Only BIOSENSE provides a full daily picture of the depth and duration of your ketosis, so you can see your true fat metabolism. Learn how food choices and physical activity influence ketosis and how to harness nutritional ketosis to get the results you want.

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Oura Ring sleep monitor

Personal insights to empower your every day. With this advanced technology we monitor all aspects of your sleep including REM, deep, and light sleep as well as your pulse, movement, temperature and heart rate. We use this data to enhance your health and energy. For more specific information, visit

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The Kraft Prediabetes Blood Spot Test

Meridian Valley Lab’s Kraft Prediabetes Profile is a timed test that measures the patient’s insulin response to a measured glucose challenge and return to baseline over a 4-hour period. This test looks at patterns of insulin response rather than a strict cut-off point for glucose. For More Information

Maintaining a balanced gut microbiome is critical for staying healthy.

Imbalances in the gut microbiome (called dysbiosis) have been associated with a wide spectrum of health issues.
People are complex systems, and optimal health is the result of having a healthy gut with the correct balance of biochemistry and microbes populating our bodies.


The PULS cardiac blood test

Beyond cholesterol testing, and beyond plaque testing. Finally a simple blood test that detects the leading cause of heart attacks: unstable cardiac lesion rupture. For the latest information, visit

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Supplements and vitamins

We recommend supplements and vitamins through a distribution partner. For more product information, visit