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Read some of our customer stories and see how we have  helped them lose weight and also helped them keep it off.

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say.

Amanda E.

I have had a relationship with Alexis and Brandy for a long time. They have helped keep me on track and I have had great success working with them. I would recommend them to anyone (and I have)

Molly A.

I have tried so many diets, only to be left feeling deprived and subsequently gaining the weight back. Not until I met Brandy and Alexis where they previously worked, did I learn about a low carb lifestyle. I was so excited to see that they started their own business, ThreeHealth. ThreeHealth is not another diet program. It is about making lifestyle and behavioral changes that will last a lifetime, improving metabolic health with low carb or keto eating. They even incorporate behavioral coaching sessions with a therapist into their program, which is tailored to each individual. I don’t feel like just another number or patient at ThreeHealth.

I know they truly care about me and my health. Between appointments, they are happy to respond to any questions I have or provide feedback on challenges. They believe in what they do and I believe in them. I will never waste my money on another diet program. I enjoy what I’m eating, I don’t feel deprived, I’m losing weight, and it’s sustainable. It’s ThreeHealth for me all the way!

Ellen S.

I just finished a 4 week virtual weight loss program with Three Health. It was nice talking to others with similar struggles and bouncing ideas back and forth. Brandy, Marlene and Alexis have been very supportive this last year, especially with COVID adding additional issues.

Todd Z.

Alexis and the rest of the staff here are absolutely amazing, I’m so glad I found them. Alexis made my what felt like an impossible weight loss journey a reality. Thank you Alexis 😊

Olivia C.

Brandy and Alexis were such a pleasure to work with and easy to talk to. I was nervous at first to start this journey due to my issues with binge dieting, etc. But I gained such much insight and learned great information about my body, my mindset, and my habits. I lost and kept off weight and feel better about myself.

Alexis M.

Brandy truly changed my life. She to only taught me how to eat but how to avoid feeling restricted, something I struggle with on every diet I’ve ever tried.
I also recommend Marlene Sexton (an incredible psychologist). She helped me deal with the reasons behind my weight gain and find a way to move forward with strategies to deal with emotions that didn’t involve food.
All too often food was a comfort but that comfort was in a vicious cycle that turned to shame then guilt and started all over again.
Together Brandy and Marlene changed my body, my mind and ultimately my spirit because not only has my self esteem improved but I am healthier, both mentally and physically.
If you ever thought about losing weight and don’t know where to start or have tried every diet out there like me, I urge you to go to Three Health.
They changed my life, they can change yours too.

Patty P.

Three Health helped me get my metabolic issues back on track to health. Their guidance and willingness to answer questions and look for solutions was just what i needed.

Sandy Y.

I have lost the same 30 pounds at least three times, but I always gained it back. Thanks to ThreeHealth, I understand how to manage my emotions without reaching for food.

Brianna J.

I have lost a total of 74lbs with Brandy and I tell everyone struggling with weight to see her. She explained food to me like no one else has. My first appointment was a true eye opener. She understood my struggle and made me feel empowered again after I learned what to eat and finally took control over my weight. It’s been almost 2 years since I first saw Brandy but I would follow her anywhere. She helped me get off medication for my blood pressure and cholesterol, all through changing my diet. My A1C score dropped to normal levels after being put into the “Pre-Diabetic” category – a scary place to be. Everything felt easier than every other diet I tried. I’m sharing this because I know that being overweight is hard, hard on your body and even harder on your soul. Brandy made sure I was successful and I am forever grateful. So if your reading this and your weight continues to be an issue, please go see her. Her whole team is amazing!

Cynthia B.

Three Health is a practice specializing in medical weight loss. I’ve tried numerous ways to lose weight throughout my life time and have always gained what I lost back and in some instances more.

I’ve been with this program since August 24, 2018 and as of today, October 11, 2018 I have lost 19 pounds. I’ve lost this much weight by following the suggested amount of proteins and carbohydrates for my body composition.

This is a program that teaches you how to eat, so that once I meet my goals, I will be able to continue with the eating patterns established during my weight loss journey. The people at ThreeHealth are knowledgeable, kind and offer enthusiastic support for as long as you need it.

Tara J.

I recently completed a 4 week virtual weight loss support program with Three Health. I really liked that it was a small group of people, with similar struggles. Alexis brought a new topic each week that we would work on the following week; in addition, she encouraged us to share our struggles and triumphs to help one another. It’s so great to be with others and hear how they are maneuvering this ongoing struggle. I appreciate how Three Health has helped us not only with the weight loss, but also the mental struggles we go through as well. It’s a well-rounded program that gives us many tools to be successful in our desire for a healthy life.

Carole J.

I got off all medications including insulin, lost 43 pounds, and feel better than ever! The best part is, this is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle I can embrace!

Keilani P.

All my life I struggled with my weight until finding this program. I was able to lose and keep off over 50lbs with the help and support of Alexis, Brandy, and Marlene! 100/10 recommend to anyone struggling with weight.

Lisa G.

I have been dieting since grade school. Name a diet and I am sure I have tried it as well as all the “magic” pills to lose weight quickly, oh the money I have spent.  As an adult, I was still battling with weight.  I opted for the lap band and while it worked for a while at some point I had complications so out came the band and I had the gastric sleeve. I wanted to believe these were the magic to lose weight. I never did get my weight under control.  I did eat a lot less but it was what I was eating that was not getting me to my goal.

Brandy had worked where I had the sleeve done and when I was looking for help again I saw that she had started ThreeHealth with a couple of other people so I went to see her. I knew Brandy was great at giving nutritional advice so I signed up.  ThreeHealth offered everything I needed. I got counseling and help with my food choices,  I worked with them for maybe 6 months but then I let life get in the way. Between family and a job that I was not happy with I went back to my old ways of eating.

Fast forward maybe two years. I saw that ThreeHealth was having a meeting at their new office and I decided to go. I saw those same friendly people that I had worked with in the past.  There was no judgment and they were very welcoming. I knew ThreeHealth had everything I needed and I was ready to change my life.

I signed up for the group pilot program for 12 weeks.  It came with a scale and the information was reported to ThreeHealth which really has helped me be accountable. The 12 weeks went really fast.  We met weekly with a group of peers as well as Brandy, Marlene, Alexis, and Dawn. I lost weight every week but I did have to work hard and follow the program. What I like about the program is it is customized to what I like to eat. I am currently at my lowest adult weight, even lower than when I had the band and the sleeve. This is the first time I don’t feel like I am on a diet but have figured out life changes on how to eat. 

Everyone at ThreeHealth is there to help me be successful.  I have learned that while ThreeHealth can give me the tools, I have to do the work. I had to stop thinking I have all the answers and instead trust them and listen to what they were teaching me. It has taken a while but I  finally figured out they know way more than I do about changing my eating habits.

My goal was to not be diabetic, in 12 weeks I am no longer pre-diabetic. I also want to be able to keep up with my granddaughter and watch her grow up. There are so many other things I look forward to at a healthier weight, flying in an airplane and fitting in the seat is just one on the list. I am much happier and more confident now that I feel in control. I am confident I will reach my goal knowing that ThreeHealth will be there with me through my successes and challenges.

Lisa G.

Great place to get support to become a healthier you!

Jaime F.

I’m very happy the program is working for me. According to Withings, I’ve now lost 11 lbs and my sister is down 14 lbs! I have a long way to go and am committed to staying on program until I can wear all the clothes in my closet!!!!

Amy M.

I am very impressed with professionalism from ThreeHealth. I went on a 4 week weight loss program that was not only extremely helpful with my on going weight loss goals, but gave me a new source of ideas and I met other weight loss friends with similar goals to myself. I received excellent tips, recipes and open and honest discussions. I lost 10 lbs! Thanks ThreeHealth, your support was priceless! Amy M, Minnesota

Prahlad A.

Alexis was super helpful and was able to get me a last minute PCR test for international travel. The results were very quick and Alexis was very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend caling them if you’re tight on time and need a covid test.

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Bruce has been one of our clients since March of 2021. We are very proud of the accomplishments Bruce has made within 6 months of being on our weight loss program.  He has lost a considerable amount of weight, changed his eating habits and is feeling great. Bruce is eating healthier and gaining the knowledge that he needs to continue his path of a healthier lifestyle as well as reducing health risks associated with being overweight.  Great work Bruce!

March 17, 2021

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