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ThreeHealth is dramatically different from the healthcare you are used to.

We've answered a few commonly asked questions about ThreeHealth below:

What does ThreeHealth mean?

Mind, Body and Spirit.
At Threehealth we strive to care for the entire person not just one aspect of their health.

Why doesn't ThreeHealth accept Insurance?

Many insurance companies and the healthcare providers that work with them are focused on short-term outcomes and profit without thinking about the patient’s long-term health. ThreeHealth is available to you whether you are healthy or have conditions that you are managing.
For these reasons, we do not accept insurance; however, our members do have the option to pay through their HSA or FSA accounts.

What makes ThreeHealth different?

ThreeHealth includes many services not typically included at visits with a primary care doctor, such as heart health monitoring, genetic and allergy testing, on-site blood tests, mental health check-ins, weight management, and more. ThreeHealth takes a proactive approach to your health and allows you to continuously work with your care team to reach your health goals, rather than simply addressing problems when they arise.

If I have healthcare through my insurance, why choose ThreeHealth?

Unlike traditional primary care, ThreeHealth delivers 24/7, unlimited access to our care team through our app for one flat rate with no hidden fees or copays. Although ThreeHealth is not a substitute for insurance, we provide an array of preventative services that are not usually available at traditional healthcare providers that anybody can utilize.

What if I don't live in Washington State?

Although members always have the option to come to our site in person for their appointments, we also offer our telemedicine services which allows our members to meet with their provider virtually. In addition, we offer 24/7 remote access to your care team via the ThreeHealth mobile app.