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Weight Loss Medications

Prescription medication for sustainable weight loss

Our medical care team can balance your biology with effective weight loss medication to help you reach your goals.

Suppress Appetite

Stabilize Blood Sugar

Control Cravings

Medications you may be prescribed

ThreeHealth's medical team provides access to a wide set of prescriptions to qualified patients.

Those medications may include, but are not limited to:










Important Prescription Information

Medications are prescribed at the clinician’s discretion to ensure treatment is safe and efficacious. Certain eligibility criteria must be met.
  • As part of ThreeHealth’s personalized weight loss program, the medical team works with each patient to prescribe medication to help reach their weight loss goal.

  • When diet and exercise alone don’t lead to effective weight loss, medication may be able to work with your body to help you lose weight.

  • The medications Threehealth medical team may prescribe are FDA approved medications.

The science behind weight loss medication

Prescription medication doubles to triples the odds of losing 5-10% body weight

80% of our weight may depend on factors such as metabolic rate, hormones, & genes

Patients have lost as much as 10% of their body weight by month 6

How to get started

Simple and effective


Work with a board-certified medical provider to find the right weight loss medication to fit your unique biology.


Some medications work on the reward center of your brain to curb emotional eating and cravings for certain foods. Other medications help stabilize blood sugar, shrink your appetite, or help you feel more satisfied with less food.


Your provider will keep you motivated & supported throughout your weight loss journey, and tailor the program to your needs and nutrition plan. Expect to build sustainable habits across nutrition, physical activity, sleep and mental health that fit your lifestyle.

Once patients have completed the Medical Evaluation and are eligible for weight loss medications, our providers will discuss next steps to sustainable weight loss.

You will meet with our providers once a month for medical follow-up, modifications to care plans and medication refills.

We encourage patients to measure their success with our InBody to ensure they are ONLY losing body fat and continue to retain their current muscle mass.

What to expect

There’s no one-and-done solution when it comes to sustainable weight loss.

Board Certified Providers


Board-certified and specifically trained on weight loss medication

Virtual appointments, no in-person office visits required

Our providers customize the program to your specific needs

Prescription Medication


Work directly with providers to find the medication right for you

Medication dispensed conveniently in-office

No insurance requirements, deductibles or copays

Supportive Community


Celebrate your journey with other people just like you

Share recipes, weight loss milestones, and roadblocks

ThreeHealth is actively involved to ensure the best experience
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