EP 93 Semaglutide and Weight Loss

This episode highlights our personal goals in time for our Hawaii Trip and also Semaglutide. It’s in the news, your best friend wont stop talking about it. Whether under the name Ozempic or Wegovy, this medication is the same Semaglutide. We’re here to talk about what it does, how it works and how you can learn more.

EP 90 Patient Interview with Patty

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith when you think you’ve tried everything to lose weight. That’s what Patty did when she joined ThreeHealth, she took a leap of faith and changed the trajectory of her life. Patty is living her best life now not just for herself but for her grandchildren as well. Her incredible story is one you won’t forget. 

EP 89 Patient Interview with Bruce

Bruce is a current patient with ThreeHealth and has been since March of 2021. He has eliminated 8 medications from his life and lost 80lbs. Now more active than ever at 73, he shares his journey at ThreeHealth and what has had the biggest impact on him personally.

Motivation… can I get that to go?

It is not uncommon to be excited and motivated at the start of a lifestyle change. The difficulty comes in sustaining motivation. Profound weight loss requires developing new habits and changing your relationship with food. This can be difficult given the food culture in which we live. Most of us have been taught to use […]

No debate. Sugar is bad!

stop eating sugar

The New York Times post, How to Stop Eating Sugar  talks about ways to cut sugar from our diets recently came across my desk. It has practical tips for weeding out the sweet stuff, but it also signals a broader cultural shift: According to the paper of record, the debate over sugar is dead. Eating tons […]