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Remote patient monitoring program that improves patient outcomes, provides accountability and structure

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If you have a chronic condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes, our technology can provide ongoing feedback on your health status to your care team.


Access to data tracking software and devices that enhance your experience.

  • Diet Doctor Plus Membership
  • Heads Up Health Membership
  • Withings Body Scale
  • ThreeHealth Workbook
  • One on one visit with Health Coach
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A Convenient Remote Health Monitoring Program

Affordable Healthcare accessible to anyone in the U.S.

  • $129 initial set up
    (includes scale, workbook, subscriptions and visit with health coach)
  • $49/month

Sophisticated Health Data Tracking Devices and Software

  • The Withings Body Bluetooth Scale connects to Heads Up health so we can monitor your weight remotely.
    You can even add family members to the scale as additional users if you feel like sharing.
  • The ThreeHealth Workbook provides structured content to help you during any stage of your health journey.
    You will be provided with medically driven lifestyle enhancement content curated just for you! Everyone’s journey is different but let us help you navigate the tough parts.
  • Heads Up Health Subscription allows you to connect as many devices as you want so you and the ThreeHealth team can see all your health data in one place!
    As long as you remain a patient with ThreeHealth, this subscription is free, otherwise it is $9.99/month.
  • Diet Doctor Pro Subscription offers personalized meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists only available with a subscription.
    As long as you remain a patient with Threehealth, this subscription is free, otherwise it is $9.99/month.

Personalized Interactions

  • Receive weekly reports based on the health data you are tracking
  • i.e. weight, steps, heart rate, labs, blood pressure, etc.
  • Receive Healthy Lifestyle tips based on your personal goals from the ThreeHealth team.
  • Access to our providers for additional nutrition counseling and lifestyle modification strategies and counseling if needed.

Sign up

Once you sign up, we will send you a Withings Body Scale. Follow the step by step setup process included with your scale.

Accept Invites

You will receive two invites to our favorite apps paid for by ThreeHealth:

  1. Heads up Health
    (The hub that captures all your health data and sends that data to our providers)
  2. Diet Doctor Pro 
    (The ultimate resource for low-carb, metabolic health and lifestyle content)

Start Tracking

Connect your Withings Scale and any other devices you are use to track your health data.

Provider Feedback

Every week, a ThreeHealth team member will share a detailed report of your health stats.

Includes a Diet Doctor Plus Membership

Our Quickstart Program patients get complimentary access to

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