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Metabolic Health Coaching

Remote Monitoring Included

$129 per month – Biometrics Testing $19


Weight Loss Medications

Remote Monitoring and Bluetooth Scale included

Programs range from $229 -$366 per month depending on eligibility.


Cardiac Health Evaluation

Comprehensive cardio-metabolic evaluation

Cardio-Metabolic Evaluation


Medical Evaluation

The medical evaluation is a prerequisite to all individual and clinical group programs.

Medical Evaluation


Counseling Rates

Visits can be either in person or via virtual Telemedicine.

Single Session


Package of 4 Sessions


Pre-Operative Psychological Assessment & Report


Single Additional 30-minute Counseling Session


(available only to existing patients)

Body Composition Testing

In Body 570 body composition analyzer

1 Test


2 Tests


4 Tests


Vitamin B12 Injection

Generate more energy in your body.

Single Injection


Package of 4 Injections


Package of 8 Injections


Package of 12 Injections