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Host Stories

For Fats Sake Podcast
Host Stories

Let’s start from the beginning.
How did we get here and what inspired us to create ThreeHealth.

Passionate providers are the backbone of ThreeHealth. De-prescribing, Type II Diabetes Reversal and real fat loss are the results behind our mission to be different in the field of bariatric medicine. ThreeHeath provide the tools to live the healthier lifestyle and get back to living your best life.

In this episode – Host Stories:

Hear the personal stories of the providers at ThreeHealth and how Medical Weight Loss not only transformed their lives but helped them transform the lives of others.

Nutrition has long been a deeply debated topic. The average patient often has tried upwards of 10 different diets before coming to ThreeHealth but what about the providers? What did they learn growing up and what are they doing now?  What kind of lifestyle do they not only preach but actually live.

Weight Loss Conversations is hosted by Brandy Wiltermuth ARNP, Marlene Sexton LMFT and Alexis Morales CMA, CHC.

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