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EP 94 All the things

EP 94 All the things

For Fats Sake Podcast
EP 94 All the things

We’re back from Hawaii with a refreshed outlook on weight loss. Our patients actually lost weight on vacation, they still indulged and had fun, and most importantly they relaxed and enjoyed Maui to the fullest. Now back to real life where we are working hard to bring more content to more patients around the United States. Starting with our video series that will launch in June! And announcing monthly birthday dinners for patients, where a low carb delicious meal is provided on the house!

Lots to discuss and even more coming. Thanks for sticking with us.

I almost forgot. We need your help to win Best in the PNW. We’ve been nominated and we need your help to win Best Weight loss Clinic in the PNW.

Voting opens on June 12th and ends June 30th.

Go to to vote today!
Make sure to look for the category “health & beauty” and then click “weight loss”

Thank you guys!

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