EP 94 All the things

We’re back from Hawaii with a refreshed outlook on weight loss. Our patients actually lost weight on vacation, they still indulged and had fun, and most importantly they relaxed and enjoyed Maui to the fullest. Now back to real life where we are working hard to bring more content to more patients around the United States

EP 93 Semaglutide and Weight Loss

This episode highlights our personal goals in time for our Hawaii Trip and also Semaglutide. It’s in the news, your best friend wont stop talking about it. Whether under the name Ozempic or Wegovy, this medication is the same Semaglutide. We’re here to talk about what it does, how it works and how you can learn more.

EP 92 Biote | Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Brandy and Alexis sit down with Shelly, Registered Dietician and District Manager for Biote. Adding to the list of services we provide, Biote is a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy administered via a pellet delivery system. Biote is a way for patients to take control of their health through hormone optimization. When your body’s ability to produce hormones is disrupted—such as a natural decline with age—Biote is a simple and extremely effective solution.

EP 91 Patient Interview with Lisa

When patients come to us, they have often have tried 10+ things to lose weight. They are what we call “weight warriors”. So why are they still struggling, the diets certainly worked for them at some point or maybe they haven’t. Success in weight loss and overall health improvement really comes from readiness. Is the patient ready to make permanent and sustainable changes in order to reach their goals? Lisa shares her journey with weight loss and what it took to keep it off, for good this time. 

EP 90 Patient Interview with Patty

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith when you think you’ve tried everything to lose weight. That’s what Patty did when she joined ThreeHealth, she took a leap of faith and changed the trajectory of her life. Patty is living her best life now not just for herself but for her grandchildren as well. Her incredible story is one you won’t forget. 

EP 89 Patient Interview with Bruce

Bruce is a current patient with ThreeHealth and has been since March of 2021. He has eliminated 8 medications from his life and lost 80lbs. Now more active than ever at 73, he shares his journey at ThreeHealth and what has had the biggest impact on him personally.

EP 88 It’s not just one thing

Weight loss is complicated and it’s so often treated like an easy equation we have to solve with less food and more movement.

We hear from patients “I know what to do” when it comes to weight loss but yet they still struggle.

Let ThreeHealth help you do it better.

EP 87 Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 3 Months

Holidays just keep on coming…every year it seems. No matter what. 

Well, what are you going to do to avoid gaining weight around the holidays? On a totally related note, a patient of ours reversed her type 2 diabetes and lowered her Triglycerides by 282 points in 3 months. No big deal but just short of magic. 

EP 86 Molly’s Story | Feeling Empowered

Brandy and Alexis sit down with a true weight warrior who has continued to show up for herself and fight for not only her physical health but her mental wellness. She shares, in intimate detail, her journey from crushing dieter mentality behaviors to feeling empowered and sustaining a healthy lifestyle to reclaim her life. 

EP 85 Low-carb Paradise

It takes practice to be healthy and we have to remember to give ourselves grace to learn and grow from the lessons we learn about nutrition.
Wouldn’t it be nice to take a step away from real life and just practice a healthy lifestyle with zero distractions. Let us tell you how!