Cardiac Health


Are you frustrated with your health care provider recommending you take more medications WITHOUT investigating the root cause of the problem OR offering any other solution besides medication?

If you knew that you may be at risk for cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes, would you want to change direction NOW?

Have you been prescribed a medication and weren’t convinced that you really needed it OR want to try a lifestyle intervention first, but don’t know where to start?

Let ThreeHealth help you make an informed decision about your health goals based on multiple factors, not just lab test numbers and a RUSHED 15-minute appointment.

Schedule A Cardio-Metabolic Evaluation With Brandy Wiltermuth, ARNP

As A Metabolic Health And Obesity Medicine Specialist With Almost 2-Decades Of Clinical Experience, Brandy Wiltermuth, ARNP, Will Integrate Healthy Lifestyle Changes With Personalized Medical Treatment. You Will Get Clear And Actionable Steps And A Personalized Plan To Help You Achieve Better Health, Improve Body Composition, And Enhance Your Quality Of Life.

Brandy Wiltermuth


Step 1

60 Minute Health Evaluation

During The 60-Minute Consultation, She Will Perform A Relevant Medical History, Order Specific Medical And Laboratory Tests, And Explore Your Lifestyle Habits In Depth. She Will Also Make Medical Recommendations Based On Your Goals And Priorities.

Comprehensive Health History Including:

Weight History, Past Medical History, Family History, Social History, Review Of Systems, Current Medications, Food Intake, Activity And Eating Habits.

Physical Examination/Diagnostics

Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Waist Measurement And Physical Exam
Body Composition-Body Fat %, Lean Body Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Weight Distribution, Visceral Fat Score, Basic Metabolic Rate.

Laboratory Testing

Extensive Laboratory Testing To Evaluate For:

Metabolic Health Status
Insulin Resistance
Extensive Cholesterol Panel
Cardiovascular Risk Markers
Inflammation Markers
Vitamin And Micronutrient Status

Testing May Also Include:

Kraft Insulin Assay – Meridian Valley Labs
Food Allergy Testing – Genova Diagnostics
GI Profile – Genova Diagnostics
Genetic Cardiovascular Risk – PULS Test
Genetic Testing For Medication Tolerability – Genesight
Microbiome Assay – Ixcela
Coronary Artery Calcium Scan – CT SCAN

Step 2

60 Minute Results Review And Reports

We Take A Problem-Solving Approach To The Issues You Want To Work On. This Includes Your Current Medications, Supplements, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management, Sleep, Social Interactions, And More!

Recommendations That Fit Your Lifestyle

In Depth Review Of All Test Results
Detailed Personalized Reports (Physical And Electronic)
An Individualized Nutrition Plan
Medication Adjustments If Needed
Supplement And Nutraceutical Recommendations

Cost $1,495

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