Behavioral Health

Let us help you get healthier.

Your mental health plays a big role in your total health.

Feeling better about yourself, your life and others around you are all big steps toward getting healthier. We’ve helped hundreds of patients get past life-disrupting issues and get back on track to living happier, more fulfilling lives.

Your mental health is also a big part of losing excess weight. Our Three Health program treats both your medical and behavioral conditions. Curbing addictions, alleviating cravings, getting better sleep, addressing negative thoughts, depression, and influences that sabotage you mentally and emotionally are all things we treat within our weight loss program.

We’re dedicated to improving your life. It’s what our Total Health Weight Loss Program is all about. Why not choose to get healthier?

After many failed diets I was skeptical. 9 months later I have lost over 50 pounds and inflammation is gone and so are a lot of the meds I was taking! I also learned a lot about the behaviors that can derail me. Their program is truly lifesaving!

Gloria B.

No matter what life throws at you, we’re here to help.

Life throws curve balls at all of us. Dealing with them can be overwhelming and down-right paralyzing.  You don’t need to go down the road alone. Our experienced licensed psychotherapists are here to help with any issues standing in your way of living a more fulfilled life.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped patients get through most anything. Our counseling services include:

You don’t have to be enrolled in our Weight Loss program to let us help you get through tough times and on to a better life.

Meet Our Counselor

Marlene Sexton L.M.F.T

I love the support I get with a three health! It’s been wonderful having them to go to when I have questions on my weight loss journey, or just need some positive feedback on issues I’m going through in my daily life. It’s definitely been life changing for me!