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Hawaii Wellness Retreat

Relax, Recharge, and Refresh

May 1st - May 6th

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The Hawaii Wellness Retreat approach to fat loss focuses on your total body and lifestyle. We want you to move well, eat nutritional foods, and emotionally benefit not only while you’re here, but long after you depart.

If your goal is to lose weight, we help you to accomplish it in a way that is effective and sustainable. With ThreeHealth, you will focus on changing the composition of your body through fat loss, which is the key to long-term weight management.

This is not a so-called fat camp. Instead, we take a more holistic approach to fat loss. You’ll focus on improving your health and quality of life. You’ll learn techniques and strategies to help you lose body fat safely and effectively, in a way that improves your metabolic health and honors your mind and body. All in the name of sustainable healthy living.

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Self Care, Stress Management, Fat Loss, Movement and Nutrition

  • ThreeHealth Retreat

    • Expert-led educational workshops on what works when it comes to weight loss
    • A wide array of nutritional, fitness, recreation and education classes to bolster your health and wellness journey.

    Personalized Services

    • 1-hour private Medical Evaluation
    • One private individual 30-minute coaching session
    • 3 hours of private group fitness (Optional)
    • 1-hour small group culinary session
    • 1 shopping trip small to navigate the grocery store
    • 1-hour private small group therapy with Therapist

    Accountability during and after your stay

    • Learn how to exchange destructive dieting habits for healthier ones
    • Sustain your weight loss progress with customized nutrition, fitness and self-care plans for home

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What makes the experience special?

Our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by demonstrating healthy, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle changes. We offer a wide range of health-promoting and personal enrichment activities all in one relaxing and supportive environment. Spend your days on the trails, at the beach, in the pool, or simply in reflection. Even better, go for a blend of everything. Follow along with our schedule in a way that feels best to you. We want our wellness retreat to accommodate diverse priorities, so we’ve designed it to be fun, customizable and holistic.

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Is a retreat worth it?

If you’re skeptical, you might be wondering if a retreat can actually make you healthier. According to one recent study, the answer is yes. The study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, took place at a wellness retreat with a blend of educational, therapeutic, and leisure activities with a structured diet.

Researchers compared guests’ weight, waistlines, blood pressure, and other measurements at the beginning and end of the retreat, and again six weeks later. They discovered statistically significant improvements that were likely to be maintained after the guests returned home. These findings are consistent with what we do at ThreeHealth.

Our program is guided by the latest scientific research, and a member of our team tracks each guest’s progress individually. We measure body composition, weight, blood pressure, and other markers at the beginning and end of their stay (more frequently if they are current patients). Every guest has different needs and we see them make measurable progress toward their specific goals. Depending on their priorities, improvements may include fat loss, muscle gain, inches lost, lower blood pressure, better sleep, less pain, and lower reported levels of stress.

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s better to plan your own wellness trip and purchase these accommodations and services one-by-one. With ThreeHealth, not only do you end up paying less, you also get built in support, and more individual attention from experts at the top of their field.  Plus, you’ll see improvements, and you’ll leave with resources and a plan for continuing your progress. So, if health is wealth, then a wellness retreat is a wise self-investment that can produce benefits long after you leave.

Is ThreeHealth worth it? According to research, price comparisons, and current/former patients, the answer is a resounding yes.

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What's Incuded

Comprehensive and Fast tracked Metabolic Health and Weight Loss Program ($3650 Value)

Meet your hosts


Marlene Sexton


I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, practicing for 24 years. The last 10 years I have focused on weight management. Experience has taught me that sustainable weight loss affects more than the scale and requires a lifestyle change. Together, my patients and I explore such issues as self-care, priority management, assertiveness, and relationship changes.

Alexis Morales



Brandy Wiltermuth


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