Mobile Rapid Covid-19 Testing

Cost: $150.00 | Results in 30 minutes

Check Availability for Rapid Antigen Test | Cost is $150.00



Covid Testing is by Appointment Only

Please do not enter the building. If you have scheduled or plan to schedule a Covid test, you are to remain in your vehicle at all times and a technician will meet you. Please call or text us at 425-606-0022 for directions on where our mobile clinic is located.

As requested by our building management:
Patients receiving a covid test are prohibited from entering the building regardless of vaccination status. Covid testing is now mobile and directions on where you will need to meet our mobile clinic are outlined in your patient paperwork. If you need assistance please call or text us at 425-606-0022.

At the time of your appointment:

Please remain in your vehicle and notify our office via text or phone call at 425-606-0022. You will need to tell us the make, model and color of your vehicle. The technician will meet you at your vehicle. Please keep your mask on until you are instructed to remove it.

If you have a question regarding your appointment please call or text our office. A staff member will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Testing Details

What is the cost?

*$150.00 for Rapid Antigen (Results in 30 minutes) 

What about my insurance?

You will be provided a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
All major insurances including Medicare and Medicaid are eligible.

Covid Test Description

Rapid Antigen – Infectious agent antigen detection by immunoassay technique, (e.g., enzyme immunoassay [EIA], enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay [ELISA], immunochemiluminometric assay [IMCA]) qualitative or semiquantative.

Travel Information

This test is NOT approved for travel across the Canadian Border. Please review the requirements for travel prior to scheduling.

A Rapid Antigen test has been approved for most airlines for national travel and many international flights. 
It is also approved for doctors appointments, school and return to work requirements.
It is the patients responsibility to understand what kind of Covid Test is required for travel.

How do I get a test?

Our simple online scheduling makes it easy to pick a day and time that works for you. (Before you schedule a Covid test, please read the following instructions.)


  1. Begin registering by entering your demographic information which is required for reporting to the State of Washington.

  2. Next, schedule your appointment. Same day and next appointments are available Tue-Sat 8am-5pm.

  3. An Invoice will be emailed to you after you have scheduled your appointment. Cost is $150.00 for Rapid Antigen Covid Test

  4. After scheduling your appointment, you will need to complete the online forms which include consent and screening questions for Covid-19.

  5. Arrive on time for your appointment. Call or text 425.606.0022 upon your arrival to testing location and a technician will meet you at your vehicle.

*Refunds may be requested, minus our transaction cost of $25.00. Cancellations made within two hours of your scheduled appointment will not be refunded. Appointments are limited and demand is high.


Limited Contact

covid 19 testing center

Safe, limited contact testing. You should schedule your visit and make payment online.

Rapid Testing

covid 19 test site

Our technicians will collect a nasal-pharyngeal sample while using all appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  Your results are available in less than 30 minutes for a Rapid Antigen Test.

Confidential test results


You will receive your results and instructions via email. By scheduling online, you will be automatically registered in our HIPAA compliant patient portal.

Our Location


For Mobile Rapid Covid Testing Only Hours

Tuesday – Saturday
8am- 2pm

(425) 606-0022