Covid 19 (Corona Virus) is taking its toll on the world, causing death, illnesses, and economic anguish. We are all witnessing the incomprehensible images of a civilization that seems to have come to a full stop. Our malls have been abandoned, restaurants and bars closed or scrambling to offer take-out only, and streets are empty. Friends are discouraged from gathering, and we struggle to determine which of our activities and jobs are deemed “essential.” The list goes on!

I share the belief with others that when the pandemic is over, we will emerge a changed society. The workplace will certainly be altered. Companies will change how they meet with clients, along with modifications in overall operations.

Working from home will become the “new normal” as companies recognize that productivity did not decrease, as feared. Telemeetings and Telehealth are not new, but after the pandemic, they are likely to become mainstream. At ThreeHealth, we were able to offer telehealth long before the pandemic. Since social isolation is the norm for the time being, our appointments are being conducted over devices such as PC, phone, iPad, etc. Our patients have come to recognize that the convenience of telehealth not only saves them commute time, but also in some cases, childcare, or taking time off work. At Three Health our top concern is safety for our patients and staff. With this in mind, we will continue to serve our clients via telehealth as long as is appropriate.

Another transformation we have already witnessed is our significant change in behavior- (think handwashing, sanitizers, masks, social distancing, panic buying and hoarding). While most of these behaviors will eventually subside, it is likely to be some time before we take stadium games or concerts for granted. My guess is that it will also be a while before we are comfortable booking a cruise or air travel.

As humans, as a rule, do not like uncertainty, we are bound to have an increase in stress and negative mood. Right now, it feels impossible to predict what the world will look like tomorrow, let alone, next year. Yet, I believe Covid 19 will transform our lives for the better in the long run. While we don’t like uncertainty or unpredictability, remember, we are capable of adaptation. Darwin posited that it is not always the strongest that survived, sometimes it is the most adaptable. To survive these difficult times, we can take a lesson from our own history. Think of ways you have faced previous hardships and ask yourself what you can do now that may be useful. Now is the time to focus on resiliency. If you are finding the concerns of the pandemic to be too overwhelming, please know that the therapists at ThreeHealth (Brad and Marlene) are here to help. You can find more information about discounted sessions on our webpage, Meanwhile, please practice self-care and stay safe.

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