Clinical Weight Loss Group

A safe place to explore important issues related to health and weight loss.

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Support is critical to successful, sustainable weight loss.

Clinical Weight Loss Group Objectives

  • To inform individuals about their ideal nutrition plan for maintaining muscle and losing fat, implementing recommended changes, and creating a lifestyle that builds on an improved relationship with food with support of others.
  • Identify the problematic thinking and behaviors that contribute to the misuse of food as a coping mechanism. Group members learn new thinking and behavior patterns with a focus on relapse prevention.
  • Support and care for the members through group discussion, shared experiences, and collaborative problem-solving. Interaction and participation among the group members is required.
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Clinical Weight Loss Group Leaders

Our clinical group is led by Marlene Sexton, LMFT and Brandy Wiltermuth, NP, certified obesity medicine specialist.


Brandy Wiltermuth


As a Metabolic Health and Obesity Medicine Specialist with almost 2-decades of clinical experience, Brandy Wiltermuth, ARNP, will integrate healthy lifestyle changes with personalized medical treatment. You will get clear and actionable steps and a personalized plan to help you achieve better health, improve body composition, and enhance your quality of life.
Marlene Sexton LMFT

Marlene Sexton – LMFT

Director Of Behavioral Therapy

I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, practicing for 24 years. The last 10 years I have focused on weight management. Experience has taught me that sustainable weight loss affects more than the scale and requires a lifestyle change. Together, my patients and I explore such issues as self-care, priority management, assertiveness, and relationship changes.

Benefits of a Clinical group vs Support group

  • Medical and behavioral providers (licensed providers with 40+ years of combined experience)
  • Individualized nutrition prescription for your body and your goals
  • Consistent group of members
  • Small group (6 participants maximum)
  • 12-week program (set beginning and end date)
  • Set curriculum and structure
  • 1 hour a week (minimal time commitment)
  • Appetite suppressants available (if eligible)
  • Superbill reimbursable (commercial insurances only)
  • More Affordable than individual treatment

I have lost the same 30 pounds at least three times, but I always gained it back. Thanks to ThreeHealth, I understand how to manage my emotions without reaching for food.

Sandy Y
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All members receive

  • ThreeHealth Workbook
  • Withing’s Body Bluetooth scale
  • Vitamin/Supplement Recommendations
  • Appetite suppressants (weight loss medication) if desired.


All participants must complete a Medical Evaluation with Brandy Wiltermuth, NP prior to start of the Clinical Group, cost is $350. Expect to spend 2 hours in clinic.

What to expect

Week Objective/Action Plan
Week 1 Awareness
Week 2 Practice or Perfection
Week 3 Self-Care
Week 4 My Priorities
Week 5 My Boundaries
Week 6 Social Eating
Week 7 Visualizing my Success
Week 8 Sabotage
Week 9 My Movement Plan
Week 10 Stress Management
Week 11 Relationship Changes
Week 12 Challenging Negative Thinking

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