Motivation… can I get that to go?

It is not uncommon to be excited and motivated at the start of a lifestyle change. The difficulty comes in sustaining motivation. Profound weight loss requires developing new habits and changing your relationship with food. This can be difficult given the food culture in which we live. Most of us have been taught to use […]

No debate. Sugar is bad!

stop eating sugar

The New York Times post, How to Stop Eating Sugar  talks about ways to cut sugar from our diets recently came across my desk. It has practical tips for weeding out the sweet stuff, but it also signals a broader cultural shift: According to the paper of record, the debate over sugar is dead. Eating tons […]

Stress management.

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences. Everyone encounters stress from time to time and it is just part of life. The goal is to either reduce stress, manage it, or eliminate it altogether. Stressors can be major, minor, planned or spontaneous. When we talk of stress, we can be talking […]

My struggle with body image | Part 5

I left off last time telling you about my past decision to lose some weight. I restricted calories, avoided fat, skipped meals, deprived myself of tasty foods, and expected fast results. Never mind that the results were temporary AND unhealthy! Most, if not all, of my weight loss in those days was water and muscle. […]

My struggle with body image | Part 4

In Part 3, I left off by mentioning a dilemma I have. I promise I will get to it, but first let me give you a bit more of my story. When my husband and I were blessed with two daughters, it hit me how important it was to model the behaviors I wanted our […]

Self care isn’t selfish.

Many years ago I heard a quote that has stuck with me: “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” I have no idea who said it, but it resonated with me. We often see patients who take care of others first. Then, if there is time and energy, themselves. At […]

Eat less, exercise more?

Honestly, I am more than a little annoyed with the standard, low-fat diet recommendations mindlessly tossed around for the last 40 years or so. Such guidance often has been given by well-meaning health care professionals (doctors, nurses, and dietitians). But too little time has been spent thinking about what the rationale (and science) is for […]