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Molly A.

I have tried so many diets, only to be left feeling deprived and subsequently gaining the weight back. Not until I met Brandy and Alexis where they previously worked, did I learn about a low carb lifestyle. I was so excited to see that they started their own business, ThreeHealth. ThreeHealth is not another diet program. It is about making lifestyle and behavioral changes that will last a lifetime, improving metabolic health with low carb or keto eating. They even incorporate behavioral coaching sessions with a therapist into their program, which is tailored to each individual. I don’t feel like just another number or patient at ThreeHealth.

I know they truly care about me and my health. Between appointments, they are happy to respond to any questions I have or provide feedback on challenges. They believe in what they do and I believe in them. I will never waste my money on another diet program. I enjoy what I’m eating, I don’t feel deprived, I’m losing weight, and it’s sustainable. It’s ThreeHealth for me all the way!

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