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Lisa G.

I have been dieting since grade school. Name a diet and I am sure I have tried it as well as all the “magic” pills to lose weight quickly, oh the money I have spent.  As an adult, I was still battling with weight.  I opted for the lap band and while it worked for a while at some point I had complications so out came the band and I had the gastric sleeve. I wanted to believe these were the magic to lose weight. I never did get my weight under control.  I did eat a lot less but it was what I was eating that was not getting me to my goal.

Brandy had worked where I had the sleeve done and when I was looking for help again I saw that she had started ThreeHealth with a couple of other people so I went to see her. I knew Brandy was great at giving nutritional advice so I signed up.  ThreeHealth offered everything I needed. I got counseling and help with my food choices,  I worked with them for maybe 6 months but then I let life get in the way. Between family and a job that I was not happy with I went back to my old ways of eating.

Fast forward maybe two years. I saw that ThreeHealth was having a meeting at their new office and I decided to go. I saw those same friendly people that I had worked with in the past.  There was no judgment and they were very welcoming. I knew ThreeHealth had everything I needed and I was ready to change my life.

I signed up for the group pilot program for 12 weeks.  It came with a scale and the information was reported to ThreeHealth which really has helped me be accountable. The 12 weeks went really fast.  We met weekly with a group of peers as well as Brandy, Marlene, Alexis, and Dawn. I lost weight every week but I did have to work hard and follow the program. What I like about the program is it is customized to what I like to eat. I am currently at my lowest adult weight, even lower than when I had the band and the sleeve. This is the first time I don’t feel like I am on a diet but have figured out life changes on how to eat. 

Everyone at ThreeHealth is there to help me be successful.  I have learned that while ThreeHealth can give me the tools, I have to do the work. I had to stop thinking I have all the answers and instead trust them and listen to what they were teaching me. It has taken a while but I  finally figured out they know way more than I do about changing my eating habits.

My goal was to not be diabetic, in 12 weeks I am no longer pre-diabetic. I also want to be able to keep up with my granddaughter and watch her grow up. There are so many other things I look forward to at a healthier weight, flying in an airplane and fitting in the seat is just one on the list. I am much happier and more confident now that I feel in control. I am confident I will reach my goal knowing that ThreeHealth will be there with me through my successes and challenges.

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