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Brianna J.

I have lost a total of 74lbs with Brandy and I tell everyone struggling with weight to see her. She explained food to me like no one else has. My first appointment was a true eye opener. She understood my struggle and made me feel empowered again after I learned what to eat and finally took control over my weight. It’s been almost 2 years since I first saw Brandy but I would follow her anywhere. She helped me get off medication for my blood pressure and cholesterol, all through changing my diet. My A1C score dropped to normal levels after being put into the “Pre-Diabetic” category – a scary place to be. Everything felt easier than every other diet I tried. I’m sharing this because I know that being overweight is hard, hard on your body and even harder on your soul. Brandy made sure I was successful and I am forever grateful. So if your reading this and your weight continues to be an issue, please go see her. Her whole team is amazing!