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Alexis M.

Brandy truly changed my life. She to only taught me how to eat but how to avoid feeling restricted, something I struggle with on every diet I’ve ever tried.
I also recommend Marlene Sexton (an incredible psychologist). She helped me deal with the reasons behind my weight gain and find a way to move forward with strategies to deal with emotions that didn’t involve food.
All too often food was a comfort but that comfort was in a vicious cycle that turned to shame then guilt and started all over again.
Together Brandy and Marlene changed my body, my mind and ultimately my spirit because not only has my self esteem improved but I am healthier, both mentally and physically.
If you ever thought about losing weight and don’t know where to start or have tried every diet out there like me, I urge you to go to Three Health.
They changed my life, they can change yours too.